Sustainability at EAPS

Sustainability at EAPS 2024

Embracing a Sustainable Congress Experience

At EAPS 2024 in Vienna, we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices and initiatives that extend beyond mere slogans and lead to tangible accomplishments. We strongly believe that each of us has a responsibility to safeguard the future for generations to come, both on a local and global scale. With this in mind, we are purposefully planning our upcoming congress with sustainability at the forefront. Our commitment to the environment extends to every aspect of the event, encompassing not only the organising team and committees but also our partners and delegates whom we warmly welcome.

By prioritising sustainability, we aim to create a greener future for our planet and promote the well-being of everyone involved in EAPS 2024.

EAPS 2024 and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also called the Global Goals) are 17 goals with 169 targets that all UN Member States have agreed to work toward achieving by 2030. They set out a plan for a world without poverty, hunger, and disease.

We at EAPS 2024 want to contribute to the achievement of these objectives in our value chain. We support and work toward the following SDGs:

Contributions You Can Make as an EAPS 2024 Delegate:

As individuals, as well as a community, each of us can and should contribute towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment and preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. Here is what we invite you to do as part of the EAPS 2024 Meeting:

  • Use the mobile app and the virtual platform (instead of printing) to inquire about the programme details
  • Use more sustainable ways of traveling to and around Vienna
  • Sort your waste in appropriate bins at venues, hotels, and around the city
  • Keep waste items with you if there are no visible garbage or recycling bins at the event or during your tourism outings
  • Choose reusable mugs and bottles and refuse single-use plastic
  • Do not print booking confirmations and boarding passes; instead, provide digital copies of these documents
  • Provide an alternative to business cards – QR codes to LinkedIn or e-card
  • Opt for a vegetarian meal option when available and possible
  • Recycle your badges/lanyards at the end of the Congress
SDG 2 - End Hunger

GOAL 2: End Hunger, Achieve Food Security and Improved Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture

What we are doing in 2024: 

  • Our exclusive catering partner MOTTO is certified according to the ecolabel for Event Catering.
  • The food items offered to our participants will be seasonal, organic and prepared from local and regional products. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.
  • All food & beverage utensils will be reusable or compostable.
  • The cleaning products used in the kitchen and food preparation facilities are eco-friendly.

GOAL 3. Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being for All at All Ages

What we are doing in 2024: 

We firmly believe that well-being is not just a desirable outcome, but an essential core value that underpins all aspects of our Congress.
As professionals in the field of paediatrics, we have a moral responsibility to prioritise the well-being of our patients, colleagues, and society as a whole.
By placing well-being at the forefront, we demonstrate our commitment to ethical principles that guide our work and promote the highest standard of care. Therefore we will:

  • Offer healthy and nutritious food (including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, etc.) which will be served during coffee breaks, made with fresh and local ingredients.
  • Use reusable dishware, compostable materials, and avoid single-use plastics.
  • Promote exercise and sports with a Fun Run on 19 October! (More information coming soon).

GOAL 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

What we are doing in 2024:

Vienna is an example of how sustainability can be encaptivated within a city and ranks first as the world’s greenest city. There are multiple factors important for its sustainable environment:

  • Half of the city is a green area with parks and recreational areas on every corner
  • 30% of the city’s energy is covered by renewable sources
  • The public transport operates on a high level and connects the entire city in a an efficient way. This is why we recommend you have a look at Vienna’s city transport and what are the most convenient ways to move around
  • Last but not least, Vienna is a great place to be a pedestrian and is often named a “walker’s paradise”. Daily errands do not require a car and you would surely enjoy walking in Vienna’s city center
SDG 12

GOAL 12: Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns

What we are doing in 2024:

  • Opt for reusable mugs and bottles and refuse single-use plastic
  • We encourage all our exhibitors to join us in this initiative and reduce single-use giveaways at their stands
  • All course materials will be available in digital format. Course attendance certificates will be sent electronically
  • Selective waste collection (for paper, combustible waste, glass and tins) as well as containers for exhibition-related waste will be placed throughout the venue to maximise recycling.


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